Burriana Properties Nerja, Property Management and Services

Full Property Management

With a team of reliable, experienced and trustworthy cleaners, property managers and maintenance staff, Burriana Properties have first hand knowledge of the area and the individual properties, offering both owners and guests a bespoke holiday rental and management service.

We have valuable first hand knowledge of what clients expect from a holiday villa rental company. We offer a full property management, holiday rental and cleaning package to guarantee that your property achieves its full letting potential.

Our main priority is to ensure that the rental property is secure & maintained to a high standard and that the holiday guests are happy and enjoy a trouble free holiday. We maintain regular contact with the owners, keeping them updated with all booking information, any potential problems arising and guest comments, this individual service is so often lacking with the larger companies.

The fees charged by Burriana Properties are easily recouped by regular rentals and it is our intention to make sure that each booking goes as smoothly as possible, thus resulting in guests wishing to re-book for the following year & recommending your property & our services to others.

Burriana Properties offer a full property management & rental package or a property management only service for clients who do not wish to rent their villa, but would like regular checks on the property to monitor security when vacant & be prepared prior to their arrival.

Holiday Rental Service

The cost of maintaining your homes can be offset by renting them out, short-term, to clients who have been vetted by us.

The income not only pays for all of the services, but also invariably covers community charges, local taxes and general maintenance costs. We manage the entire process with a detailed account of each rental. In our search for new villas, we are driven by quality rather than quantity, taking on only properties where we will maximize the rental income.

Keep your home in pristine condition. Get someone else to pay all of the costs.

Full Property Management Service includes:

To act as the main key and calendar holder to the property, regular visiting, checking all contents against the inventory, visual inspections of interior and exterior, thoroughly air all rooms, check for pest & vermin and recommend remedial action, test all appliances & electrical equipment, examine all furniture & furnishings for wear & tear, all sanitary equipment & plumbing, ensure all security & services and equipment function, ensure cleaners have thoroughly cleaned and the whole property is fit for purpose.

Our maintenance personnel include fully qualifies plumbers and electricians who are available to deal promptly with any problems reducing any disturbance to you or your clients.

Our service also includes obtaining and negotiating with building contractors, overseeing the quality and progress of their work and ensuring everything is kept up to the standards you require.

We will publish a regular owners report detailing bookings, and the status of your property along with any recommendations.

Cleaning, Maid & Laundry Services includes: